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Continual love and support is shown not only to my daughter but also to my whole family. I also like that the importance of respect is taught and individual time spent with my child.

-- Stephanie Ebratt
Paradise Valley, AZ

Phoenix Early Childhood Learning Curriculum

We have four decades of experience in early childhood learning, and we've used that experience to create early education programs that contribute to the success and growth of children at all ages. Valley Child Care and Learning center of North Phoenix has a developmentally appropriate curriculum for your child that will prepare him or her for the years beyond preschool!

Above all, infants need warm, responsive care to feel secure and thrive. We nurture the babies in our care and provide stimulating infant education in the form of soft toys, colorful books and music that appeals to their senses.

New experiences are essential to toddler learning, and we provide an environment that toddlers find interesting, nurturing and safe. Children at this age are acquiring the abilities to think through their actions, solve problems and understand language, and we allow each child to develop naturally in his or her own unique way. We also give parents daily progress reports and thorough notes on care routines like eating, napping and diapering.

Two-year-olds are eager to discover the world around them, and we encourage their love of exploration by offering them toys, play materials and activities that help them learn and grow. Our center provides two-year-olds with an enriching environment full of self-directed activities that foster their naturally growing sense of independence. Two-year-olds are quickly learning new words and how to use them to express their thoughts, and we help them build their language skills by reading aloud, reciting nursery rhymes and singing songs.

A great preschool curriculum will prepare your child well for kindergarten, first grade and beyond. However, having fun and making new friends is important for preschoolers, too! We offer developmentally appropriate preschool learning activities that will challenge your child without pressuring him or her to grow up too fast. Your child's preschool teachers will make him or her feel safe, respected and appreciated for his or her individual personality and unique abilities. The Valley Learning Center curriculum includes preschool math and language arts, music activities for children and much more.

Learning Centers
Our classrooms are designed to intrigue and inspire young learners, serving as an important tool in themselves to foster child education and development. Every classroom contains a variety of Learning Centers that appeal to children's sense of wonder – Language and Circle Time, Blocks, Creativity and Art and more! Each of these centers draws children in to explore an important facet of their world and to develop important skills in the process. The Learning Centers your child may choose from include:

As children go between the different centers, our teachers act as enthusiastic guides by listening to ideas, giving praise and encouraging new ideas and ways of thinking.